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Upside Camp 2023

News   |   November 15th, 2023

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We are so proud to share some of the incredible moments and experiences from the annual Upside Camp 2023! The young people and mentors who hopped on the bus for camp this year had it all - team building, connections, outdoor fun, and delicious kai.

"I loved seeing Manu radiate her kindness. I love seeing how confident she has become with socialising with others. Being older in the camp this year I have really noticed her looking out for the little ones which makes me very proud of her."

- Emily (Mentor)-

Camp was filled with so many magic moments, but one highlight was seeing how our mentors championed and motivated their young people. In turn, the young people were supporting each other to face and overcome challenges - and celebrate together too.

"At camp, my young person was a little shy in the beginning and didn’t have any close friends at the camp, however she really came out of her shell and got to know a group of girls really well who go to the same school as her. This is massive as I know making friends was a large part of why she wanted mentoring. Her confidence really came through by the end of camp."

- Mentor-

This is what community and belonging looks like!

Anyone would have been so encouraged to see rangatahi bravely conquer their fear of the flying fox and taking the leap! Or witnessing the powerful words of love and support that got a number of young people to the top of the rock-climbing walls!

There was so much pride in their smiles, from trying and achieving.

More Highlights - Camp Photos 2023 

Do you know someone who is eager to make a positive impact in the community in 2024? There is still ample time to become a mentor and volunteer for just two hours per week and join us for Camp next year! Feel free to share this with a friend or get in touch yourself by calling 09 361 1088.

Alternatively Register Your Interest. One of our awesome team will get in touch.