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Upside Adventures: Stories Untold Winners!

Stories   |   February 1st, 2022

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In an attempt to help mentors connect with their young people during lockdown late last year, we tasked our Upside matches to tell us a story.

It could be any story they wanted, told in any form they wished - we just wanted them to let their imaginations run wild!

And run wild it did! We received so many fantastic entires and the Upside team was blown away by the creativity amongst our ranks. 

Stories, comics, videos, pictures, TikToks - we saw it AND loved it all!

But every competition has to have winners - below we have listed the winners and runners up of every category and linked their stories for you to enjoy too.


Happy reading!




Best Overall Story 

Winner: Cam & Leo - An Upside Christmas
Runner Up: Lyall & Xin - When School Throws You A Curve Ball

Most Creative 

Winner: Tyler & Ken - Tyler and the Treasure of the Ancients
Runner Up: Terrelle & Liam - The Story of Chef Caveman and Lightning Bolt Jolt


Funniest Story 

Winner: Jayde & Hayzel - A Lesson for the Girls


Biggest Plot Twist

Winner: Jazmin & Ailene - The Encounter
Runner Up: Jayvarn & Tom - School Surprise


Most Imaginative

Winner: Tyrece & Daryl - The Quest
Runner Up: Cheyenne & Maddie - The Friendship Fire