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"At his 16th birthday party were mostly paid professionals involved in his messy childhood."

Stories   |   February 28th, 2020

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When Albie* first started his mentoring relationship with Josh*, he attended his 16th birthday party. At Josh's party was his OT social worker, a social worker from a group home he lived in, his foster mum and one other foster parent. No friends his own age - mostly paid professionals who had been involved in his messy childhood. Over the years, Josh had developed some pretty unlikeable behaviours as he tried to survive disappointment after disappointment - he was angry, aggressive and combative.

Fast forward two years to Josh's 18th birthday, just last week. He had 10 friends there, his own age and no paid professionals. Over the two years of their mentoring relationship, Josh learned some pro-social skills, he improved his communication skills, he's reliable, and now sets boundaries with his friends. He’s learned strategies that he’s mirrored from Albie. Without Albie's support and consistency, Josh's future wouldn’t be so positive. We look forward to his 19th birthday and his much brighter future!

*Not pictured and names have been changed